Lisztomania: The Best of 2013 (So Far)


Can you believe 2013 is halfway over? It’s July 3, so we only get 181 more days of new music til blogrolls and iTunes playlists are cleared to make way for shiny new Neutral Milk Hotel mp3s, or whatever 2014 brings.

Will we even care about Yeezus in Decemeber? (Yes)

The importance of new albums is so fleeting these days; time is a helpful litmus test. Below you’ll find the 25 records I think passed, in alphabetical order…

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MP3s: Savages - “Flying to Berlin” & “Husbands”


Typing out “Geddy Lee meets Death From Above 1979” was not something I thought I’d write to describe London post-punkers Savages, but how could one hear “Husbands” and not?

The band debuted their “Flying to Berlin” single back in May and every Siouxsie and The Banshees, Cocteau Twins, early Killing Joke, Blondie, et al. comparison still sticks. If the retrograde production, goth vibes or singer Jehnny Beth’s vocals don’t sell you at first listen, then move right along. Otherwise, add to your autumn soundtrack.

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Savages - Flying to Berlin
Savages - Husbands